Who Are We? A Premier Dealer in Native American Collectibles

We are Bing and Vickie Crosby, dealers dedicated to the best in Native American collectibles. Crosby Collection presents a select offering of jewelry, pottery, Navajo textiles, Zuni fetishes and other treasures inspired by the Indian crafts that captivated Bing as a child and led to the founding of our business more than fifty years ago.

Today we bring you the innovative work of young Pueblo pottery artists as well as that of their honored ancestors such as the matriarch potters Maria Martinez, Lucy Lewis and Margaret Tafoya. We also showcase an incredible array of vintage and contemporary jewelry and accessories made by premier Native American silversmiths including Sunshine Reeves, B.G. Mudd and Artie Yellowhorse. Additionally, we have a significant selection from non-native jewelry artists, among them Benny and Valerie Aldrich, Kim Yubeta, Peyote Bird and Federico.

Based on our love of turquoise and Bing's long experience with American mines, Crosby Collection specializes in rare, gem-quality domestic stones.

We hope you find something among the riches of the Native American culture shown here and that some day you'll visit us in Park City, Utah, at our two Old Town locations including the restored Old Oak Saloon.

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